Who we are;

Our website address is: http://www.pauleyreimages.co.uk.


  • Paul Eyre Images is committed to the privacy of all visitors to the website, pauleyreimages.co.uk
  • Paul Eyre Images does not automatically obtain your information from any external source such as Wedding Vendors who sell client contact details to suppliers for marketing purposes. Paul Eyre Images only processes your data when you make contact with Paul Eyre Images, either via email, contact form on the business website or from an external website that is hosting advertisements for Paul Eyre Images.
  • Paul Eyre Images uses Cookies on its website, more information can be obtained by contacting Paul Eyre Images. For the purposes of assurance, no tracking or geographical cookies are used


  • “Paul Eyre Images” – This means, Paul Eyre Images as a business entity
  • “Data Controller” – This means Paul Eyre Images
  • “Potential Client” – This is the person making initial contact with Paul Eyre Images
  • “Client” – This is the person who has appointed Paul Eyre Images and contracted with him
  • “Account Data” – Any information provided to Paul Eyre Images that contains your personal information such as Name, DOB, Telephone Number, Address, Facebook Profile, Email Address etc….
  • “Usage” – This is how Paul Eyre Images uses your “Account Data”
  • “Legitimate Interests” – The business interests of Paul Eyre Images and the reasons why certain “Personal Data” must be kept
  • “Right to be Forgotten” – This is the right to have your “Account Data” removed by Paul Eyre Images – this does not include any “Account Data” that must be kept by Law for the purposes of Accounting or any other Legal reason or that of any “Account Data” that is “Intellectual Property” of Paul Eyre Images
  • “Intellectual Property” – This means Images which are created by Paul Eyre Images using the knowledge and skill to capture the Images at the Clients Wedding or Event or any other Property which Paul Eyre is the creator
  • “Account Data Storage” – This means how Account Data is stored by Paul Eyre Images
  • “Customer Relationship Data” – This means data that is processed that is essential for a supplier and client relationship to be built to provide a professional service and rapport with the Client
  • “Transaction Data” – This means details the Client has provided such as Bank Details, Debit or Credit Card details or PayPal Account Details on any purchases made with Paul Eyre Images


The processing of your Account Data and how it is used (“Usage”);

  • Paul Eyre Images does not obtain personal information from any outside source or purchase personal information from any person or organisation.
  • When initial contact is made by the potential client the potential client does so on the basis that Paul Eyre Images may use the contact information provided, such as email address, telephone number or even a home or business address to make a response to the enquiry sent to Paul Eyre Images.
  • How that information is processed depends on how it is initially received but in the case of email contact or contact form via website (which is the most common), the data is processed in the following manner;
    • Initial contact is made with a response address – that is recorded on the incoming email and a reply is made to that address by email
    • The incoming email from the “Potential Client” is stored in an email PST (Post) file
    • If the reply from Paul Eyre Images does not invite further contact from the potential client and a period of 30 days has passed, then the email is deleted in its entirety from the PST file using the email client
    • No Contact details such as email address or telephone numbers are kept if no further contact is made by the potential client and removed from the PST file using the email client
    • Telephone numbers are not stored as contacts unless the “Potential Client” becomes an actual “Client”
  • Contracts or Assignments that are signed are kept for a period of 7 years after the date of signing – in certain circumstances contracts or assignments may not be deleted at the request of the “Client” due to provisions set out under other applicable Laws, such as for Tax and Revenue reporting
  • In the event of Legal Claims then all Account Data will be held for the purposes of defending or establishing a case against a client


The Legal basis for processing your data;

  • It is a requirement for Paul Eyre Images to accept, process and handle your Account Data in order for the successful transition from potential client to an actual client. This means that for Paul Eyre Images to be able to accept new clients and discuss options with them, such as wedding package prices and details there is a need to use the information such as an email address or telephone number to do this effectively – this would be referred to as “Customer Relationship Data”.

The Definition of Account Data in regard to Chris Smith Photographic;

  • Account Data in regard to what Paul Eyre Images asks for, receives and holds may include but is not limited to the following;
    • Telephone Number/s – including mobile
    • Name of potential client (upon first contact) and then on to Client status
    • Name/s of others provided by the client, such as bridesmaids, the groom, parents of the bride and groom, ushers and so on…..
    • Payment details may be provided such as bank account details in some cases, this is processed in the same way as all other data and is kept secure at all times
    • Images obtained by Paul Eyre Images are the Intellectual Property of Paul Eyre and are covered in the wedding contract model release or simply the model release if it is not a wedding, for the avoidance of doubt the data is process in the same way as all other data with the exception of deletion.
    • Recording of clients in video format is not something Paul Eyre Images carries out.
    • Audio recording of clients is not something Paul Eyre Images carries out, including telephone recording at time of writing this Privacy Policy

Account Data Storage

  • Paul Eyre Images stores Account Data in Electronic Format, this includes but may not be limited to;
    • Storage of Emails in a PST (POST) File
    • Storage of Typed Documents or notes of client meetings in Client Named Folders
    • Storage of Images from Photographic sessions with the Client
    • Storage of Signed Contracts and or Assignments received from the Client
    • Storage of Paper Contracts and or Assignments received from the Client – note; this is very rare, and something being slowly moved away from
    • Storage of Contact Details such as Email Address; Telephone Number/s, Postal Addresses etc…..
    • Storage of Client Account Data for Accountancy Purposes on Invoicing and order forms
    • Storage of “Transaction Data” – See meanings


  • Amendments;
  • Paul Eyre Images may amend this policy at any time by publishing an updated version on the web site
  • It is your responsibility to check this document on a regular basis to ensure you are happy with the content and processing of your information under this Policy


Your Rights under the Data Protection Act are;

  • You have a right to access Account Data that Paul Eyre Images has processed on you or previously processed
  • You have the right to have any incorrect Account Data rectified
  • You have the right to have Account Data deleted (see “Right to be Forgotten”)
  • You have the right to restrict Account Data Processing
  • You have the right to data portability
  • You have the right to complain to a governing body such as the Information Commissionaires Office (ICO)
  • You have the right to require Paul Eyre Images to cease processing Account Data


All the above rights are governed by the Data Protection Legislation and the present Governing body for this in the United Kingdom is the Information Commissionaires Office – details can be found online at: https://ico.org.uk/




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