Pre-wedding shoots, Engagement shoots, E-shoots, call them what you will…let me take away some of the mystery behind the concept!




Engagement shoots are certainly not a new thing, just something that has gained popularity in recent years.  Sarah and myself had one of these shoots some years ago…OK, 17 years ago to be exact!  (wouldn’t want to be accused of being ‘vague’ there!)  Back then, it was a very formal affair in a studio setting, with rustic furnishings, a mottled shadowy backdrop…and more cheesy poses than I care to remember!  …But I DO remember, and this is why I ensure I take a very different approach.

So what is the benefit of an Eshoot?   I get asked this quite regularly, so let me explain…

For many people, their wedding day is potentially the first time they have been professionally photographed, and this may be a daunting task for many.  It is understandable that some may feel intimidated by this, especially being photographed by a complete stranger.  I do not want my couples seeing me as a stranger, but as a trusted friend who knows how they bond as a couple.  An ideal Eshoot for me is when the couple can relax and realise that it’s certainly not all about saying ‘cheese’ for camera!


My style of wedding photography is to document your wedding as a story, and an Eshoot gives a perfect starting point to your story, not just your wedding day.  Using the great outdoors as a backdrop, most couples will choose a venue that is special or meaningful to them.  This may be where they first met, where they have strolled hand in hand and shared memories together…or even as simple as where they walk the dog in the evening!   It may also include shared interests that they have, and when these images are placed alongside those from their wedding day, only then is their story complete – or should I say ‘started from the beginning’


As with wedding photography,  it may be a long time from the initial meeting with your wedding photographer to the wedding day itself, so this is a perfect opportunity to touch base, discuss plans for the big day and generally have fun…which is what it always ends up being!

Almost every couple who have had an Eshoot with me said that they are so glad they did, and find it a much more of a fun & enjoyable experience than they first anticipated!


Hopefully this has given a better insight into my Engagement shoots, and took away some of the pre-conceptions that surround them…   Paul Eyre – Wedding Photographer Nottingham

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